Wax or shave

Are you tired of shaving your our bikini area all the time? Are you dissatisfied with the results? A lot of women become frustrated when it comes to shaving the bikini area because they do not get great results. Shaving leaves the skin with stubble and once the hair grows it can be itchy. Brazilian bikini wax is here to save the day! Here is why Brazilian wax at Everbare is right for you.
It gives you smoother skin.

Shaving, leaves stubble. This makes the skin feel rough every time you touch it. This is not the case in Brazilian wax. The skin is very smooth because all of the hair is being pulled right from its root.

It lasts longer.

Hair regrowth after Brazilian bikini wax is slow. Since hair is pulled right from its root, it needs time to recuperate. It take about ten days until it can grow again. Brazilian wax treatment usually lasts from four to five weeks.

It is hassle free.

You do not need to worry about your bikini area and its appearance for weeks. Unlike shaving, there is no itchy feeling as the hair is growing back. Also, the effect last much longer unlike with conventional shaving. Also, a Brazilian bikini wax is done once every three to four weeks.

It boosts confidence.

Whether for your partner or a day at the beach, a Brazilian bikini wax you will have that perfect bikini line with no unsightly hairs! A day in the beach is too precious for you to be worrying instead of enjoying the sun!

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