Butt Waxing for men

Men’s Buttocks Waxing

Butt waxing for men is another one of our men’s manscaping procedures that many guys don’t talk about, or even think of until they come into our studio. You have not lived until you have had a baby smooth ass. Men’s Butt Waxing is a great complementary service to male Brazilian Waxing. Our clients have different reasons for getting their butt or butt crack waxed. For everyday reasons removing your butt hair is more hygienic than letting it be natural and free. Between regular working sweat and cheap toilet paper you have a high probability of having the oh so dreaded SWAMP ASS. Swamp ass is not sexy ya’ll. For our sportier clients who are into hiking, climbing, and cycling, they have reported that having a hair-free smooth ass makes for less chafing between the butt cheeks. Everyone assumes that getting your butt crack waxed must be something really painful, but actually not bad at all.

Frequently Asked Questions – Men’s Butt Waxing:

Is men’s butt waxing really that common?

Yes, absolutely. Our clients come from all walks of life but what they all have in common is a dislike of body hair and a want for cleanliness. This area of waxing is very common for athletes particularly triathletes and cyclists.

I only want to wax my my ass crack, is that possible?
Yes. If we are doing a butt crack only wax we make sure that only what is on the inside of your cheeks is taken. During your consultation please let us know how far out onto the cheeks you would like to go to make sure you are on the same page.

Will my butt be itchy after waxing?
Not necessarily. Every client has a different experience. If the hair was soft to begin with chances are you will not be itchy. Either way, waxing your butt has less of an itch factor than shaving your butt.

Will waxing my butt thin out my hair?
Yes. Over time we will kill enough hair follicles that your hair won’t be as dense. Also the hair itself does come back finer. It does take time, but you should notice a difference after your first wax.

In what position will I be for my butt wax?
Depends on a couple of different factors. Generally your will be flat on your stomach for most of the service. Some clients may be asked to go on all fours, head down, butt up. Is this avoidable? Not really. If we want to get the cleanest wax possible we need access to every nook and cranny.