Everbare Reviews

Anna R.

I’ve been going to Irene for waxing for the last 10 years when she used to be at Newbury Day Spa and I am so happy she opened her own wonderful salon!
Irene is a true professional. She always does an amazing job and I love that she can always give an advice on what works for your skin and what doesn’t!!!
I highly recommend Everbare!

Ziv F.

I had a tough time finding a place that would do Brazilian wax for men. Irine did a great job with minimal pain. She was also flexible when it came to schedule my appointment. Definitely coming back.

Laurén S.

Irine is very nice and very thorough. Her space is bright and hygienic. And the price and location are great. I found her by using a livingsocial deal and am glad I found her.

Alex M.

Irene is great! She’s quick and efficient, will get you in and out on your lunch break with time left to actually have lunch. Not only does she do a good job, but her prices are really reasonable for the area, and she’s also just a very sweet and pleasant person! Plus she gives you water and chocolate on your way out–what’s not to like?

Kerry R.

Irine is the nicest person I have ever had a wax from. has been a while since I had a Brazilian, but she made me feel at ease. Irine also gave me a “what to expect” pamphlet!
The office is nice and clean as well as easy to get to.
Definitely coming back!

Angela L.

Irine is the absolute best when it comes to waxing. I had an appointment for a Brazilian wax. She was quick efficient with minimum pain. I also liked how easy it was to schedule an appointment online through her website.
She worked at 8 Newbury Day Spa before it closed. I will put an update there as well for her former customers. Definitely visit her at the new location!

N T.

I used to go to Irine exclusively when she was at Newbury Day Spa for a brazilian wax. I was beyond excited to find her again. Irine is extremely good and very efficient. I never really have a lot of time, so my appointments are very last minute or during a work day. I am always in and out of there in no time… and she does a great job