Waxing in the fall

Most people are probably thinking the summer is over so now I don’t have to shave everyday so why would I wax? Fall is actually the perfect time to start or continue waxing! A lot of clients’ biggest challenge when starting a waxing regiment is having to grow out their hair to 1/4 inch. This can be difficult to do in the summertime with nice weather and spontaneous weekend trips. Thus fall is a great time to start waxing.
Hair grows in 3 different hair cycles. It takes about six months of consistent waxing every 3-5 weeks (depending of the person) to get all three of your hair growth cycles on the same pattern. When you first start waxing the hair growth cycles are not yet in sync and your waxes will last approximately 2-3 weeks before the hair starts growing back. After waxing regularly for about six months, with no shaving in between, the waxes should last for 4 to 6 weeks.
Following our recommended schedule you will be much happier and the treatment as close to painless as possible.
Now that you’re all smooth and wanting to enjoy it, there are just a few things to keep in mind. Your skin is sensitive and needs protection, especially for a day or two after your waxing service.